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Welcome to the CSE260/261 (Computer Science II: Honors) home page for Fall 2016. This page will be the main source of course information throughout the semester.

Important Course News and Messages

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Final Exam Grades:
Grade sheets are available online. The maximum possible FINAL score was 100. The highest score actually achieved was 92. The lowest score actually achieved was 14. Statistics were as follows: FINAL (whole class ) Valid 29; Mean 57.93; Std. Dev. 21.99

Project 4 Grades:
Grade sheets are available online. The maximum possible PRJ4 score was 20. Statistics were as follows: PRJ4 (whole class ) Valid 27; Mean 15.43; Std. Dev. 3.61

Final Exam Time/Place.

The final exam will be held on Wednesday, December 14, 2016, from 5:30PM to 8:00PM in Old Computer Science 2129.

New GPSDevice jar:
I believe I have corrected the issue with the heading values and have replaced the GPSDevice.jar. Please update to the current version (415527 bytes), as that is what will be used for testing.

GPSDevice Heading data:
It has been reported to me that the heading values produced by my GPSDevice lie in the range -270 to 90, as opposed to 0 to 360 as advertised. I will attempt to build a new GPSDevice.jar that fixes this issue. The code in the current version that computes the heading data is the following: public double headingTo(Location to) { double dlat = to.getLatitude() - getLatitude(); double dlon = to.getLongitude() - getLongitude(); double theta = Math.atan2(dlat, dlon); return Math.toDegrees(theta) - 90.0; } I don't know why I wrote this, but it was done a long time ago so there is no telling. Pay no attention to the workaround that I previously had here. Instead, see the more recent item above and download the new version.

N Queens solution:
A solution to the "N Queens" problem is here.

Project 3 Grades:
Grade sheets are available online. The maximum possible PRJ3 score was 22. Statistics were as follows: PRJ3 (whole class ) Valid 26; Mean 16.63; Std. Dev. 4.76

Project 4 Materials:
I have made available the GPSDevice.jar and some additional data files.

To include the GPSDevice.jar in your project, import it into Eclipse but do not unpack it. Right click on the project and go to the properties page, then the "Java build path" tab. Under "Libraries" choose "add internal JAR".

When you create an instance of GPSDevice, a frame will pop up with the map specified in the constructor. The frame provides tools for selecting a route and initiating "driving". Once you have registered a GPSListener, chosen a route and selected "Drive", position updates will be made to the listener you have registered as the "car" traverses the selected route. If you stop driving and choose another route, you can exercise the "off course" feature of your program.

There is one clarification to the project handout: the default constructor of GPSDevice tries to load a file with path DATA/usb.osm. Probably you will want to use the other constructor, which lets you specify the filename. There ought to be, but is not, a method for disposing of a GPSDevice instance. This means that if you load a new map, you have to close the frame with the old map manually.

Also, Rohit (thanks!) sent me this link which has info on the tags used in the OSM database.

Project 2 Grades:
Grade sheets are available online. The maximum possible PRJ2 score was 19. Statistics were as follows: PRJ2 (whole class ) Valid 28; Mean 13.83; Std. Dev. 2.90

Midterm Exam Statistics:
Grade sheets are available online. The maximum possible score was 80. Statistics were as follows: MIDTERM (whole class ) Valid 29; Mean 54.22; Std. Dev. 11.71

Project 1 Grades:
Grade sheets are available online. The maximum possible PRJ1 score was 8. Statistics were as follows: PRJ1 (whole class ) Valid 28; Mean 6.29; Std. Dev. 1.72

The Midterm Exam is on October 24:
The original syllabus incorrectly specified the date as October 19. Please note the change.

Lab will be held on August 29:
There will be a lab on the first day of class (August 29). Please be sure to attend. It will be very helpful if you can either remember your login ID from last semester or arrange to have it reset, so that you will be able to use the lab systems right away.

Personalized Course Information Area:
If you are taking the course, please visit the Personalized Course Information Area, register a user ID there, and fill out the Academic Dishonesty Form.

I will be using this system to manage assignment handin and distribute grades.

Eugene W. Stark