CSE523 Projects Available with Professor Stark

Operating Systems Projects

I am willing to supervise students who have a reasonably well-formed and interesting idea for an Operating Systems project they want to pursue. A good source of example projects for those who want to get experience in OS kernel programming is the following FreeBSD project ideas page. I have a personal interest in FreeBSD, though I would also supervise a similar kind of Linux-based project. Generally, if a project looks useful or challenging and I think that I might learn something from the experience, then I would likely be willing to supervise it. Come see me to discuss your idea and we'll see if we can work out something of mutual interest. I would like to emphasize, though, that if you were to take on a project like this under my supervision, I would expect you to make concrete progress on it as a condition for a satisfactory evaluation. I would be available on a regular basis to discuss what you are doing, but I would not be attempting to provide you with any specific motivation or coercion. That would be up to you.

Eugene W. Stark