CSE 230 (Fall 1997): Final Exam Information

The CSE 230 Final Exam will be held on Tuesday, December 16, from 12:00PM to 3:00PM in Heavy Engineering 201.

During this exam, you may use the Kelley and Pohl textbook as a reference, but you may not use any other notes or reference materials. Please do not bring any other materials to the examination room.

The exam procedure will be as follows. Each of you will receive the following items: (1) an examination paper; (2) a supply of plain white scratch paper; (3) carbon paper. The examination will contain just one question. The question asks you to write a C program to perform a simple task. This task can be solved by a program consisting of under 100 lines of C code (I solved this problem myself using 92 lines of C code written in a natural style).

You are to spend the three-hour examination period writing an ANSI C program to solve the stated problem. When you feel your program is as correct as you can possibly make it, you are to transcribe it neatly onto a few sheets of paper to be handed in. At the same time as you are making this final transcription of your program, you are to use the carbon paper to make an exact copy of your handin.

When you leave the examination room, you are to hand in the original copy of your program, and you are to take with you the carbon copy. Within 24 hours of the termination of the exam period (that is, by 3PM on Wednesday, December 17), you are to take the carbon copy of your program, type it in to the computer exactly as you wrote it during the exam period, and then use the usual handin program to submit your code as assignment FINAL. If you do not submit an electronic version of your code within 24 hours of the termination of the exam period, you will lose half your score.

I will grade your exam as follows: I will take the code you submitted on the computer, compare it with the original sheet you turned in during the exam period to make sure that you have entered the code exactly as you wrote it during the exam period, and then I will determine how many changes are required to get your program to: (a) compile without errors, and (b) run correctly. You will receive a score ranging from 0 to 10 points for each of (a) and (b), for a maximum total score on the exam of 20 points. I will make minimal changes necessary to get your program to compile correctly, and to run correctly if possible, and I will make these changes in the style of your original code. I will make the corrections necessary to get everyone's program to compile. However, once your program is compiled, if I find that your program requires major structural or algorithmic changes, rather than minor bug fixes, I will abandon my attempt to get your program to run and you will not receive any points for part (b).

Eugene W. Stark