CSE 230 Home Page (Fall 1997)

Welcome to the CSE 230 (Introduction to C and Unix) home page for Fall 1997. This page will be the main source of course information throughout the semester.

Important Course News and Messages

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Final Exam Information

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The "Back Tab" Key

Under X Windows, it seems that the default keymap does not contain any code for the "Back Tab" key, which would normally be generated by pressing the shift key and the tab key at the same time. It should be possible to use xmodmap to install a mapping for the Back Tab key, but offhand I don't know how to do it and the man page is complicated. The Back Tab key does generate a code when running on the "bare" console, not in X Windows. In this case the code generated is octal 541, which can be found in /usr/include/ncurses.h: #define KEY_BTAB 0541 /* Back tab key */

If you want to select another character besides Back Tab to move backward one link, go ahead and do it, but be sure to put it in your writeup file, otherwise we won't know what character to use and it will look like you didn't implement it.

Getting Ghostview for Windows 95

The lecture slides I have been putting online are in Postscript format, which requires a Postscript-compatible viewer to read. Under Unix, the "ghostview" program can be used for this purpose. To obtain a Ghostview for Windows, visit here.

Solution to HW1 Classified Ads Problem

I have placed here a solution to the HW1 classified ads problem. The solution includes treatment of ad categories with spaces in their names. Although I get the impression that a significant fraction of the class possibly regards themselves as already wizards at Web and shell programming, from a preliminary look at what people handed in, it doesn't look like anybody was up to the challenge of handling the spaces properly.

Running X Windows Applications from Windows 95

I have been given the following link:
as a place where you can download an X server that supposedly runs under Windows 95. I haven't tried it. If anybody does, I would appreciate feedback as to whether or not it works. It might be possible to obtain further information about this from Eric Johnfelt.

My own advice is, if you can at all manage it, buy a spare hard disk (1 gig drives are less than $200), put it on your PC, and install FreeBSD or Linux on it. X Windows comes with either of those systems, and it is likely to work better than any X server running under Windows 95.

Stark's Office Hours (revised)

More or less, as we agreed during the first class, my office hours will be:
(I had to move the Wednesday time back by 1/2 hour in order to avoid a scheduling conflict.) I am also available by appointment. Send me E-mail if you want one.

Course Textbooks

I found out almost by accident on August 25, 1997, that the bookstore had apparently tried to order the 4th edition of Kelley and Pohl, A Book on C, but that it would not be available for this semester. Apparently the 3rd edition is still available, and they are going to order that. It would have been nice if they had actually called me to let me know...

Getting Signed in to CSE 230

If you want to register for CSE 230, but the computer says the course is full, it is necessary to come to the first class. At that time, I will hand out a signup sheet which you should fill out and return to me at the end of the class. After collecting the signup sheets and assessing a variety of factors, such as the size of the classroom, the amount of TA support, etc., I will decide who to sign in. The actual signing in will occur at the second class.

Eugene W. Stark